My name is Stano Luzbetak and I’ve been working in the design field for over 10 years.
My story has began back when I was 16 years old downloading a cracked Adobe Photoshop for the first time. I was starting gloriously–designing some websites. However, once smartphones came into the game, I was beginning to learn about UI and UX.

In 2012, I was fortunate to work as a UI designer for Sygic, a car navigation provider. Later on, I became a part, by heart and soul, of a startup Goldee. I finally understood what ‘user experience’ means. I was involved not only in the design, but also into the product marketing. That gave me invaluable insights.

Later on, I resumed my freelancing career. Today, I help startups and companies to conceptualise, build and deliver valuable products for their customers. My work is a process of researching, wireframing, testing and validating both experience and interfaces. I work closely with data, engineers, product managers and marketers.

But who am I? I’m a multi-instrumentalist who loves all forms of art. I find my inspiration in the serenity of nature and in my beloved wife Monica.


Even though I’m not a collector of recognitions and prizes, I do believe that there’s value in good design reflected in business metrics. However, a few things came along. - Honorable Mention
Pygmalios • 2018
Honorable mention for uniqueness in web design. - Honorable Mention
Taphome• 2015
Honorable mention in recognition of great talent and effort invested in it’s creation.

CSSDA - Special Kudos Award
Taphome • 2015
Special commendation for noteworthy website.

AppRulezz - National price for the best smartphone application
Goldee App • 2014
Awarded for the Goldee smartphone application (3rd place). - Site of The Day
Goldee • 2014
Award that recognize the talent and effort of the best web designers, developers and agencies in the world. - Honorable Mention
Goldee • 2013 
Special mention for uniqueness in design.

CSSDA - Website of the day
Goldee • 2013
Awarded for excellence in design.